Transmission simulation software [Hoya Color Filter Simulator]

In addition to existing function for spectral transmittance characteristics calculation with specific thickness, following functions have been added in accordance with customers request.

  • The internal and external transmission of each glass type with specific wavelength range is displayed.
  • Transmission curves with multiple conditions (e.g. glass type, thickness) superimposed and comparable (Up to 10 types of glass simulations can be displayed.)
  • The characteristics values of sharp cut filters, OD value and mired value are displayed.
  • The data exportable to CSV file or Exel file.

Detailed information on software

  • Software name: HOYA Color Filter SIM
  • Ver:
  • Release date: 2020/10/29
  • System requirements: Windows7(32bit) or Windows10
  • Reprint condition: No reprinting without permission
  • Remark: Versions later than Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 In some cases, it may not work in your PC environment.

Software usage conditions

The customer (hereafter referred to as ″the user″) shall read the following articles with regard to using the contracted software that HOYA CORPORATION OPTICS SECTION (hereafter referred to as ″we″) provides the user.
Once the ″Software usage stipulations″ are read and the ″Agree and download″ button is pressed, downloading the software starts.

Conditions of using this software

  1. The laws and treaties concerning copyrights and other intellectual property rights protect this software.
    Be careful not to engage in any of the following:
    • Redistribution of this software
    • Commercial use of this software
    • Use of this software after modification
  2. The transmission data of colored glass filters displayed by this software represents typical values.
    The transmission of a product can be changed within the range of the transmission specifications.
  3. We assume no responsibility for any damage caused by using this software.
  4. The specifications of this software may be subject to change without notice due to improvement of our products.
  5. All or part of these conditions of use may be subject to change without notice.